What To Do If You Think The Square Footage Of Your Home Is Wrong

There are many reasons why the square footage listed in MLS may differ from the square footage from the county’s assessment of your property, or even the square footage calculated by a home appraiser.


Why the Correct Square Footage Matters

If you’re selling your home, the square footage is one of the most important features buyers look for. But since these values are frequently estimated rather than properly measured, your home listing might show less Gross Living Area (GLA) than it can take credit for. A difference of even a few hundred square feet can lead to potential buyers overlooking your home - if they are searching for a minimum size property.

In addition, accurate square footage dramatically affects home price in a competitive market - you need it to be right.

Since the MLS is only a record of what the Real Estate Agent entered into the system, per the information given to them by the seller, there is a chance it could be incorrect. A good home appraiser will look at the MLS listing, look at the square footage on file with the county, and do his/her own measurements. If there is a discrepancy, he/she will call to find out why.


What to Do if the Square Footage is Wrong on Your House

If you believe that the public records are inaccurate, you should contact your local county’s assessment department to request that the data be reviewed. The process varies by location; some may ask you to file an appeal or submit a grievance.

It may help to submit the recent appraisal, or property measurements done by a certified appraiser, to the department to review and make any adjustments if necessary.

Square footage will affect your home’s assessed value, but it also has an affect on how much property tax you pay. If the actual measurements result in more square footage than the county tax assessment office has recorded, using the higher square footage calculation could increase the value of your home. That’s great if you want to sell, but it may also increase your property taxes.


Property Measurement Services

If you need an appraisal or measurements of your home to determine actual square footage, call Master Appraisal Services 📞 480-881-2449