Try These Inexpensive and Easy DIY Home Improvements That Pack a Wallop

Are you looking for ways to fill your home with flair? You can express your personal style without a lot of expertise or financial investment. Try these DIY projects that overflow with inspiration but are easy on your budget and require minimal skill.

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Give rooms a facelift. Painting your walls is a terrific home improvement project that most homeowners can tackle without any special training or experience. With minimal skill and a small budget, you can make a big impact on your home’s appearance. One idea is to put special consideration into your color selections, since wall colors can evoke feelings and affect atmosphere. For instance, red is traditionally thought to spur appetites, so it’s a great choice for kitchen and dining areas. Cool colors, like blues and greens, are believed to be calming, so they make nice selections for bedrooms and bathrooms. Shades of orange and yellow are energizing and cheerful, lending themselves well to kitchens and workout rooms. Also be sure to select quality materials for your project, since when it comes to painting, you tend to get what you paid for. Tight on time or money? Bob Vila points out you can paint just one wall with a bold color. It’ll make an exciting statement, and you could finish the project in as little as an hour!


Freshen your air. Home air quality is an important but often-overlooked home improvement project. While you may not “see” the results, you can feel them! When the air in your home is full of pollutants, your family’s health suffers. Home air quality is linked to a number of issues, such as asthma, work performance, and allergies. Ensure you create proper venting around combustible appliances, make sure that your clothes dryer vents directly outside, and don’t store chemicals or gasoline in your living space. These simple tips keep your home’s air cleaner, and cost virtually nothing! Not only that, but by following these tips, you can avoid paying for expensive services later (e.g., it can cost up to $4,640 to remove toxic materials in Phoenix).


Brighten up walls. One simple way to brighten up your home is by replacing light bulbs. If you put off getting your stepladder out or simply find picking apart fixtures to change bulbs annoying, set aside some time to go through your home and remove the burned-out bulbs, and then install new ones. Choose bright bulbs in work areas like the kitchen. Huffington Post suggests opting for lower-wattage bulbs in bedrooms and family rooms to create a cozier ambience.


Warm welcome. Creating an inviting entrance is a fun, easy and low-cost way to give your home pizzazz. Make your entryway stand out by repainting your front door and replacing weary hardware. To enhance the look, add a new welcome mat; even though it’s a small, functional item, it’s an inexpensive and easy way to add personality to your home’s entrance. Feeling particularly handy? Consider replacing your entryway lighting fixtures. A selection that sets off your home’s architecture and brightens the walkway will finish out the look. You’ll feel great coming home to your new, improved entry that you upgraded yourself!


Convert a closet. Do you wish you had a space dedicated to paying your bills or writing good, old-fashioned birthday cards? Maybe you’d like a quiet workspace away from the rest of the family? You can remove the doors from a closet, take out the rods, and install shelving inside to turn the space into a small but efficient home office.


Mudroom storage. Does your home lack a storage spot for boots, books, mail and coats? If your entryway tends to get bogged down with clutter, you can create a functional and organized foyer with refashioned furniture. Convert a dresser or table so it accommodates handy baskets or totes for boots and other bulky items. Then, hang a handsome shelf with a peg rack or basket above to catch keys, dog leashes, hats and other goodies.


Sometimes, the most clever solutions are the easiest ones. You don’t need a big budget or a lot of skill to transform your living space. With minimal money and expertise, your home can reflect your personal style and be a more enjoyable living space.


Guest post written by Paul Denskin, owner of