Home Appraisers Always Take Pictures of These Items

When you have an appraisal done, the appraiser will not only look around at your home and visit each room, but he or she will be taking pictures. Why? Several reasons.

  1. Client Requirement
  2. Documentation
  3. Reporting

Remember, an appraiser is collecting evidence to support the final opinion of value they arrive at for the bank, or to support a value to set a list price as is done with a pre-listing appraisal. The appraiser’s opinion must stand up in court, if challenged, and pictures are a tool to assist the appraiser’s description.

What an appraiser takes pictures of:

  1. Description of Improvements (Front, Rear and sides of the home; all rooms on the interior of the home etc.)
  2. Special Features
  3. Deferred Maintenance and/or needed repairs
  4. Attic and Crawlspace (FHA and VA Loans)
  5. External Factors
  6. Home improvements, updates, renovations, or remodeling

Appraisers are bound to client confidentiality, so appraisal reports with photos are not made public or posted online by the appraiser. However, if you have personal property you do not want photographed, you may want to conceal or remove whatever that is before the appraisal.


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