Repairs Needed Before A Home Appraisal

A real estate appraisal is an important part of securing a mortgage and can determine whether or not the home loan process can continue.

A home appraisal is different from an inspection, though. A real estate appraiser looks for things that affect the overall value of the house. An inspector looks deeper to identify things that need to be fixed before you close.

Here are the most common repairs that should be addressed before an appraiser visits your property:

  1. Health and safety issues
  2. Protecting the security of the property
  3. Structural soundness of the property

For example:

  • Electric garage door opener that won’t reverse when obstructed.
  • Burglar bars without safety latches.
  • Steps or stairwells with no handrail.
  • Empty swimming pools, pools without a working pump, and pools with mosquito fish.
  • Non-working kitchen appliances.
  • Missing appliances that usually are sold with a home such as a stove.
  • An outlet within 10 feet of a water source that has only a regular two-prong plug instead of GFI outlet (i.e. bathrooms, kitchens)
  • Exposed electrical wires.  
  • Non-functioning water, electricity or air conditioning.
  • Major plumbing issues and leaks.
  • Wet basements.
  • Foundation - cracks in the walls, ceiling or foundation.
  • Rotting window sills, eaves, and support columns on a porch.
  • If the home was built prior to 1978, chipping and peeling paint (interior, exterior, garages, sheds and fences)

If possible, repairs should be made to your home prior to the home appraisal being done. The repairs not only improve the home’s marketability, depending on the loan type will likely be required and will cost you an additional fee for a re-inspection.

Every year for the past 8 years, the number of real estate appraisers has declined. That’s why, when asked what's needed to become an appraiser, I thought I would share my answer.

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