What Appraisers Can't Tell Homeowners

Ever wonder why appraisers can't discuss the appraisal with homeowners? Here's why...

Hi, this is Steve from Master Appraisal Services. Today, just a few quick words about why the appraiser is not allowed to give you any information.

Now, this isn't true if this is for a private appraisal, or a divorce, or estate, or anything like that. Then you become our client.

However, if you're doing a for a mortgage, our client is the bank. I understand that you're the one paying for the appraisal, and a lot of people don't understand why we can't discuss it with you. However, the law - the way that it's written - you're going to get a copy of the appraisal from the bank, but I can't talk to you about it. Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

But that's the reason why, and if you do have any further questions, always give us a call.


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